Arzate Design Group offers several pool surface options. What to use for the pool surface of is one of the most important decisions you will make. With nearly unlimited textures and colors, these finishes typically outlast plaster by two to ten times. Not only will different types of interior pool finishes affect a pool’s aesthetics, the finish can also ensure that your pool remains in good condition for years to come, even when exposed to chemical changes under the water.

We offer interior finishes options from a variety of companies including:

Mini Pebbles

Give your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebble-bottomed stream with a StoneScapes® pool finish. An inviting selection of colors and textures allows pool owners to express their unique style. StoneScapes® combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa.


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Touch of Glass

Add pizzazz to your pebble pool finish with a Touch of Glass! These unique StoneScapes® finishes are accented with sparkling glass beads. From a subtle sprinkling, to an equal measure of pebble and glass beads, our exclusive StoneScapes® Touch of Glass recipes can give your pool the precise look and feel you desire.


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Finest Finish Blends

Finest Finish Blends™ interior pool finishes manufactured by Universal White Cement™ are designed to provide the final touch to your swimming pool project, bringing your vision to life.Finest Finish Blends have proven to be the strongest and most durable pool finishes on today’s market.


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